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I graduated 20 yrs ago and failed NCLEX-RN. I am today,garbage in my life behind me, consequently much more focused. I have never given up on my dream! I have been advised by my Nursing... Read More

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    Please keep me posted
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    Quote from VEBERT1020
    The NCLEX-PN, tests entry-level practice of practical/vocational nursing. No matter where I work, I will be supervised by an RN. I was instructed by the Board to take the NCLEX-PN rather than the RN. Additionally, I have been a certified Addiction Counselor for 15 years, consequently it's not like I have been out of the medical arena.
    Really? I can tell you that my "entry level' practice LVN program was program has a 100% pass rate on the nclex.
    EVERY LVN will be supervised by a RN. That is not a failsafe. You need to still have the knowledge to do the job of an LVN. I do think it's good you worked in healthcare but being a addiction counselor is WAY different than being a nurse....LVN or RN. I'm pretty that they are letting you just test after 20 yrs out of the field.

    Kind of a slap in the face to those of us who have been in school for years getting our pre reqs and having to retake our A&P requirements because they expire after 5-7 yrs (depending on the school)...but you can be a nurse after just taking the test?! That is just crazy. A LOT has changed in 20 yrs in nursing but I sure havn't seen them discover any new bones! You may not like it but your going to be hard pressed to find many who would agree that is a wise decision on their part. Sorry but that's the reality
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    Good for you!!!! I recently failed 4th semester of my nursing program but had the option of "stepping out" for my LPN so I did and received my LPN in March of this year. When I took the NCLEX for LPN I used Saunders and really found it easy to use. I passed it with flying colors!!

    Good luck to you

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    Hi there, I too graduated 20 years ago failed NCLEX and want to re-take in the state of Washinton. So far on all my practice exams I am averaging 73% (just started) and have worked in Assisted living, home health (as a supervisor), Head Start (health manager), as a MA in peds, internal medicine and infectious disease, urology, and psych.... It is my understanding that after receiving your BSN the only test I am able to take is the NCLEX-RN and am not able to take the exam for LPN etc. I am excited to try again and yes there will be lots of studying involved...
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    Failed the Nclex. Are there any suggestion or tip?
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    Hello Vebert1020,
    I just wanted to ask how things went. What helped you the most. What steps did you take?
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    I graduated nursing school in 1996 with an Associates Degree in nursing (RN). I took my state boards and did not pass. Life took turns and I have since worked other jobs in the medical field. I am extremely interested in finally getting my license but do not know how to do it. All nursing refresher courses I have seen require that you already have your license...I never got it. I have the degree. I would appreciate any info that will help me to finally reach my goal!!!
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    Quote from tljh319
    single mom of quadruplet baby girls,and going thru a divorce...
    HOLLY COW BATMAN!!!! And here I am a single mom of one girl going through a divorce and I'm just made me realize I need to Shut the **** up and just get it done. My hat goes off to you...You are my hero. Yeah you may have failed but the fact that you made it through is AMAZING!!!
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