Failed last term of lvn :-(

  1. Failed my last term of lvn by 2 points and now i feel sooo depress and upset on how the questions on the test were written. I missed almost 15 qestions with multiple answers because in the question it wasnt written as MARK ALL THAT APPLY and now i paid for that.

    I didnt know that the secretary wrote on the board the numbers that pertains to the questions that were written wrong. As soon as i got my test i concentrated on each questions and didnt even bother to look around. I tried to fight it at the end bcause it wasnt announced to the class before passing out the tests that theyre were some questions that was written incorrect needs special attention.
    So in short no warnings to the class.. Almost half of the class missed all the questions..Anyways, i just need maternity, peds, and leadership in order for me to complete my lvn and i was told that i can take those classes at any community colleges. I need to know if that information is true because if it is it will save me a lot of money.

    Can semebody pls help me? Thank you
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    Since you use the term "LVN", one can safely assume that you were in a program based in CA or TX as those are the only two states that use the term 'vocational nursing' instead of 'practical nursing'. Did you attend a private/for-profit school? I'm sorry to say that most schools do not transfer nursing courses or allow someone to make up one or two classes. But there is no shame in contacting the admissions office to inquire about the possibility. Usually one needs to complete the program in succession at one school (because of differences in curriculum and programming) rather than some courses at one program and the rest at another.

    It would be easier for other members to direct you if you let us know what area of the country you are based.
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    It was a family owned business so its private school. I was told by one of the administrator that no school will turn me down. So i dont know if she was just saying that
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    Actually she said we can show our transcript and we should be fine andThat i can finish it at any community colleges.. I am confused i dunno if i can do that
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    Is it a for profit school? If so, it can be very hard to transfer into a community college from a for profit school. Your school has completely dismissed you from their program?
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    Quote from lvnstudent911
    Actually she said we can show our transcript and we should be fine andThat i can finish it at any community colleges.. I am confused i dunno if i can do that
    That makes no sense. You would have to apply and an official transcript would have to be reviewed by the school's admissions committee. Many for-profit private school credits don't transfer to traditional collegiate programs, a dilemma many students find out too late. If I take what you are writing here at face value, the school is implying that you can take the transcript from this school walk into the community college registrar's office and just register for the three classes that you need....not so sure that is a realistic possibility without going through the traditional admissions process.

    Depending on your state, some community colleges only offer ASN/RN programs not LPN/LVN programs and thus would not have the classes that you need to complete your degree. There are links to all the US board of nursing at the bottom of this website, or here: Boards Of Nursing for Nurses | Nursing Students You can find a list of all approved vocational/practical nursing programs available, usually with contact information.

    You might want to try calling some of the community college nursing programs to find out what opportunities are available for your situation. Good luck
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    Can you do remideation for the class?
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    Yes, but i'm thinking of continuing it from a different school