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    Today was the last day of class, we took our final & ati health as well. Scored a 99 on final & 74 on ati(level 2 & 87% nation wide) ended med surg 3 w/91!😂!! Me & my classmate/ friend went to eat just to celebrate finishing our next to last semester & she told me she didnt pass! We disnt discuss grades or anything because i dont like 4 other people to feel bad or feel like im throwing it in their face that im doing good & they arent. This was her 2nd failure. I KNOW HOW SHE FEELS B/C I WAS IN HER SHOES IN 2011 WHEN I FAILED OUT OF RN SCHOOL. My heart went out to her especially when u go through something like that & you feel you have nobody in your corner & that people will judge you thinking your dumb or stupid. Like i told her & will tell anybody else DONT GIVE UP! Im not gonna tell you nursing isnt for you b/c im not God & i dont lnow what is or isnt for you. My advisor told me the same thing & today i have proved her to be wrong! Im #2 in my class & almost finished after summer school. When the time is right & you have given it thought U DECIDE if nursing is for you or not. Just dont quit, its still possible if you choose to! She's ok though, she said she's still young & has her whole life ahead of her & will go back when she's ready & you know what, imma make sure i stick by her side & help her reach whatever goals she has whether its nursing or not. I didnt have that from my "friends" so if you know anyone in this situation & your truly friends, encourage them, support them & just be there for them. Sorry so long
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    She's very fortunate to have you in her corner; you sound like a great friend!
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    I agree with the statement above. You sound like a great friend!
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    You are a great friend

    Yesterday I finished out med surg 2 with an 86 and I feel sooo blessed because 5 people didnt make it. I told 2 or 3 of them that they should start with the next class and never give up and I hope they do come back because they came too far not to.
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