drugs with two pregnancy classes

  1. 0 One of our drugs this week is iron. It has a pregnancy class of B and C..what the heck does that mean?
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    Which form of iron? Iron dextran is labeled pregnancy class C. Iron sucrose is labeled pregnancy class B. They are both prescription only.

    NSAIDS are pregnancy category C for the first two trimesters and pregnancy category D for the third trimester, one example of a drug that changes pregnancy categories.
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    The drug is Ferrous Sulfate. Drug class B and C
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    This is what my book says about ferrous sulfate in the precautions section:

    Pregnancy (B) (ferric gluconate complex), (C) (iron dextran, oral products)
    Skidmore-Roth. Mosby's 2013 Nursing Drug Reference, 26th Edition. Mosby, 2013. <vbk:978-0-323-08642-4#outline(6.18)>.

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