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hello, is anyone signed up for the cnet pnat lpn entrance exam? also, is anyone trying to get in the brooklyn/ manhattan adult learning center??? My exam is coming up soon and i am nervous :)... Read More

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    They're both pretty selective. Brooklyn and Manhattan are run by the same people. Its all the same. Go online, set up for the test and study your buns off :-)

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    Hi all,

    i just took the test on 12/9. I was not able to do much study before. The test was ok, the material was not hard, but i found myself rushing on the reading and math part. Luckily i was able to finish everything, so pay attention to the time and pace yourself. I think alot of people was not able to finish all the math questions.

    They said we will get the result in the mail in about 3 weeks. anyone know what's next?

    for those who are going to take the test soon, GOod Luck
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    Hello, I am scheduled to take the test in February. Wish everyone the best not only on the test but throughout your nursing journey.
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    I took the CNET on 11/12 and received my results yesterday 12/17 that I passed! Yay! It says that I'm scheduled for the TEAS exam 1/23/13. As far as I've read, the next test is usually the TABE and I know the TEAS has a science section. Does anyone know why they changed the exams and if there really is a science section on the TEAS taken for this program? It has been a VERY long time since I've taken any science courses so I am very nervous about the test.
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    I am scheduled to take the CNET PNAT exam for NYC lpn program beginning on Sept 2013. I'm looking for study material/guide/tips. If anyone has material for his exam or even alternatives that are helpful please email me at REDDUVETLC@GMAIL.COM. it is greatly appreciated and if I can help anyone feel free to reach out to me as well. I have material for other exams like the nln, etc
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    Do u have study material for the CNET or maybe a reference for alternative material
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    Congrats Hun wud u happen to have material to help me study. Please email me
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    i am schedule for the test in march anyone on here taking it that time please holla BCK. I AM NERVOUS MATH MY WEAKNESS u can link me
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    Hey guys. So..I took the the test early Jan. Just got my results back and unfortunately I failed the language section. I did receive an invitation to take the TEAS though, stating that it is an invitation to participate in the 2nd oppotrunity testing process. Is this common for a CNET/LPN-PNAT rejection letter?
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    Hi everyone I am registered to take the test this Sunday the 24th and I am nervous. Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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