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hello, is anyone signed up for the cnet pnat lpn entrance exam? also, is anyone trying to get in the brooklyn/ manhattan adult learning center??? My exam is coming up soon and i am nervous :)... Read More

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    First congrats!!!!!!!!! I just joined all nurses. I am registered to take the c-net in nov. 2012. But I wanted to know what book did u buy to study from? I wld appreciate any info u can give me.
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    Someone told me that there is chemistry & physics on this c-net exam! I dunno how true that is but anyone who has taken the exam this yr. pleeeeease let me know what type of stuff is really on it. And what are some good books to purchase to study from. Thanx!
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    There's only math, reading, vocabulary on the cnet. You can order the study guide from the cnet nurse website. The math is pretty basic there's no trigonometry or geometry. Just fractions, decimals and stuff like that. The study guide really helps when it comes to the vocabulary words you need to study. You need to know how to spell them properly and know the definitions among other things.
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    Quote from futurernhazel
    hello, is anyone signed up for the cnet pnat lpn entrance exam? also, is anyone trying to get in the brooklyn/ manhattan adult learning center??? My exam is coming up soon and i am nervous
    Just hoping everyone did great on their exam and got in the program. Would like to know if any one would like to sell or loan their study material or practice exams at a cheaper rate than the website. Would be greatly appreciated here's my email if u would like to help me out
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    I was just able to register for the November 18th exam without hassle... I know that I saw some posts about people not being able to register but just so you all know I was!!! I also wanted to know if anyone was willing to rent out their study material? The prices are a little steep for merging now and of course I HAVE to start ASAP!!! Please let me know!!! My email is Iomillia@yahoo.comThank you in advance! stay blessedAntoineta
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    Hello, i am new here.

    I registered for the 12/9/12 exam. the problem is that i realized i won't get the book until at least 2 weeks from today (possibly longer because of thxgiving) i called CNET because i found out their office is in jersey city, i was hoping i can go there and get the books. The lady over the phone told me there's no way to get the books other than thru their website and wait 10 business days for shipping.

    i recently took the hesi exam (only the math and english portion) for st paul school of nursing, i got a 96% on reading, 88% in grammer, 72% in vocab and 90% in math. i did so bad on the vocab because i did not know there was gonna be medical terms on the test. the lady from CNET said there is no medical term on the Cnet pnat. anyone that took the cnet pnat can give me some idea of what the test is like and what i should focus on? or maybe other test that is similar and maybe i can get the book for that instead of waiting?

    I work full time but recently decided that i want to have a career change into nursing. at first i was looking into ADN programs but because of my gpa (i have a BA degree) it is just not working out the way i want. so now i am looking into LPN program, any advise will do. Thanks in advance.
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    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    I am 28 years old mother of 1. Looking to make a career out of nursing to better our future. This will be my first time pursuing any form of health education. Does anyone have any advice for me. Will it be possible to pursue an Associates after gaining the certificate from this program. Please help! All information will be useful at this point. Thank you in advance
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    There is no writing in the c-net exam??
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    My sister graduated from that program a few years ago, I am sitting the exam 2/10/2013. I plan on doing the program and sitting my boards and going straight for lpn/rn metriculation.

    My mother was DON for one of the larger teaching hospitals in NYC and did most of the hiring for the nursing department and she told me she thought that program was better than some of the RN programs out there.

    That being said, its hard to find a job save nursing homes and clinics as an LPN. Even harder to find union work. That's why as soon as I sit my state boards I'm going straight back to school. I'll do per-diem home care and work on my RN.
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    She's working btw... not in a hospital - as a residential nurse for developmentally disabled folks. She loves it (my mother did this as well when she retired). She worked for this company as a counselor while she was still in school and before so she was uniquely prepared for this kind of work. She has 3 young children right now but she plans on going back to school as soon as the really little one is school-age.

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