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hello, is anyone signed up for the cnet pnat lpn entrance exam? also, is anyone trying to get in the brooklyn/ manhattan adult learning center??? My exam is coming up soon and i am nervous :)... Read More

  1. by   drivenforsuccess
    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    I am 28 years old mother of 1. Looking to make a career out of nursing to better our future. This will be my first time pursuing any form of health education. Does anyone have any advice for me. Will it be possible to pursue an Associates after gaining the certificate from this program. Please help! All information will be useful at this point. Thank you in advance
  2. by   Pampofo
    There is no writing in the c-net exam??
  3. by   JennyHopes
    My sister graduated from that program a few years ago, I am sitting the exam 2/10/2013. I plan on doing the program and sitting my boards and going straight for lpn/rn metriculation.

    My mother was DON for one of the larger teaching hospitals in NYC and did most of the hiring for the nursing department and she told me she thought that program was better than some of the RN programs out there.

    That being said, its hard to find a job save nursing homes and clinics as an LPN. Even harder to find union work. That's why as soon as I sit my state boards I'm going straight back to school. I'll do per-diem home care and work on my RN.
  4. by   JennyHopes
    She's working btw... not in a hospital - as a residential nurse for developmentally disabled folks. She loves it (my mother did this as well when she retired). She worked for this company as a counselor while she was still in school and before so she was uniquely prepared for this kind of work. She has 3 young children right now but she plans on going back to school as soon as the really little one is school-age.
  5. by   JennyHopes
    They're both pretty selective. Brooklyn and Manhattan are run by the same people. Its all the same. Go online, set up for the test and study your buns off :-)
  6. by   nyc30
    Hi all,

    i just took the test on 12/9. I was not able to do much study before. The test was ok, the material was not hard, but i found myself rushing on the reading and math part. Luckily i was able to finish everything, so pay attention to the time and pace yourself. I think alot of people was not able to finish all the math questions.

    They said we will get the result in the mail in about 3 weeks. anyone know what's next?

    for those who are going to take the test soon, GOod Luck
  7. by   Idlovetobeanurse
    Hello, I am scheduled to take the test in February. Wish everyone the best not only on the test but throughout your nursing journey.
  8. by   MomToLivi11
    I took the CNET on 11/12 and received my results yesterday 12/17 that I passed! Yay! It says that I'm scheduled for the TEAS exam 1/23/13. As far as I've read, the next test is usually the TABE and I know the TEAS has a science section. Does anyone know why they changed the exams and if there really is a science section on the TEAS taken for this program? It has been a VERY long time since I've taken any science courses so I am very nervous about the test.
  9. by   Redduvetlc
    I am scheduled to take the CNET PNAT exam for NYC lpn program beginning on Sept 2013. I'm looking for study material/guide/tips. If anyone has material for his exam or even alternatives that are helpful please email me at REDDUVETLC@GMAIL.COM. it is greatly appreciated and if I can help anyone feel free to reach out to me as well. I have material for other exams like the nln, etc
  10. by   Redduvetlc
    Do u have study material for the CNET or maybe a reference for alternative material
  11. by   Redduvetlc
    Congrats Hun wud u happen to have material to help me study. Please email me
  12. by   sweetkimmy
    i am schedule for the test in march anyone on here taking it that time please holla BCK. I AM NERVOUS MATH MY WEAKNESS u can link me
  13. by   MoyBien
    Hey guys. So..I took the the test early Jan. Just got my results back and unfortunately I failed the language section. I did receive an invitation to take the TEAS though, stating that it is an invitation to participate in the 2nd oppotrunity testing process. Is this common for a CNET/LPN-PNAT rejection letter?