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  1. I was wondering if any of you have access to your clinical hours. If you asked your instructor would they tell you exactly how many hours you have, so you can keep track and make sure you have the required amount?

    this year I have had alot going on with family and personal health. So I have missed some hours. I have tried to keep track myself, but I just want to know exactly. they absolutely REFUSE to tell me how many hours I have. It wasn't like that last year, but this year we have a new director. I just feel like, it is completely my right to know. am I wrong?
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    is it normal to get so many views but zero comments? I am starting to think I have forum leprosy. is there something I could do differently? this seems to happen to me alot on this site.
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    Some times it takes time to get a thread going

    In my ADN program, we are only allowed to miss ONE day of clinical (6 hours) per class (right now I'm taking fundamentals). If you're late by more than 20 minutes I believe they count you as absent. On the first missed day, you will get a 3% deduction from your final grade. The second absence = failure of the class. There is no making up of clinicals and they also don't tell us how many hours we need, we just know we're only allowed to miss one day in order to have enough hours. We are not responsible for knowing how many we have/need.
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    Yes you have a right to know which means they don't know I would suspect
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    It's funny, they do know. because all they would tell me is that if I miss one more I will have to make it up at the end of the year. But they won't give me my exact hours. she has said she just won't tell us. Many of us have asked over and over. I do not plan on missing anymore, it's just frustrating that she refuses to tell us. She is afraid that we will take advantage of that, and be like, "oh i can miss today because i have enough hours". which i guess i understand, but for me it's the opposite. Like i sad I have alot of unforeseen things happen this year which has caused me to miss more clinicals and class hours than I would have liked.

    anyhoo, I guess I'm more frustrated because I feel like I have a right to know what's going on with my class and status and such.