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Hi, I actually need some nursing insight about clinicals! I am making my girlfriend a care package for Christmas to survive clinicals, but I was wondering if anyone could give me ideas for little things you wish you had during... Read More

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    Clipboard, Chapstick, black pens the clicky kind, hemostats, dressing scissors, a water bottle, a pen light with a pupil gage, mints, shoe insoles, nice socks, lotion, hair ties. Pricey gifts pulse ox, thermometer with probe covers, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope.

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    Oh oh a pack of sharpies too!
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    small bottles of hand sanitizer. I ended up giving away like five of those to fellow students.

    One of those pens that writes in four colors (why do they want us to have one? I DONT KNOW. They just do).

    I covet one of those flouride bandage scissors that isn't supposed to stick but they cost around 11 bucks and I can't afford it.

    A cute insulated lunch bag (and maybe a couple of small reusable ice/gel packs for it). A nice tervis or similar cup with a lid.

    My penlight quit mid semester, so one with a battery would have been cool (good if it has circles on the side that show the size of the pupils in mm).

    A cheap calculator (don't know about other programs but we all have to have one at our school and we can't use any that are complicated or use a lot of functions - so basically, one that costs a dollar or so).

    calendar with enough room to write assignments and schedule would be awesome.

    thin white knee high socks (if you can even find them)

    white shoe polish

    clip on ID badge holder (but nothing retractable or that has a lot of crevices to get contaminated).

    We had to have a plain (silver or gold colored), small watch with a minute hand and a flexible band and the face had to be less than an inch across. Only cost about 10 bucks at walmart.

    Either spray starch or real starch if she has to starch and iron her whites for clinicals. I've gone through a ton of that stuff.

    mechanical pencils/Black pens. Never have enough of those.

    Bobby pins in roughly her hair color if she needs to put her hair up for clinicals.

    Note cards, hi-lighters

    does she drive far? a pre-paid gas card, even in a small amount, would be great.

    cards for restaurants, etc in the area of her school

    that's about all i can think of so far. Good luck, it's a sweet thing you're doing!
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    Pens, note pads, hand sanitizer, vics (perfect for putting on your upper lip to mask smells), starbucks gift cards, hair ties, note cards, pocket medical dictionary, insoles for shoes, compressions socks,

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