catheter nervous!!

  1. So we are learning right now about the urniary system and catheters and all that good stuff. We have 1 urinary lab where we can practice a couple times on the simlab mannequins, test off on the mannequins, then it's straight to the hospital to start on real people! I guess I'm just really nervous about cathing people and that's not something you get to practice! I took everyone's blood pressure I knew so I could become familiar with that, but that's not gonna happen with this scenario. Any advice?? What to expect or the best way or anything? Any help would be much appreciated!
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  3. by   ValDonovan
    I can relate.. we got our check-off on foleys just before the holiday break. Just like you we did it on the dummy's in the school lab. I have been able to remove one foley during clinicals but have not put one in a real person yet.

    Everyone has told me that the only way to develop your confidence is to just get in there and start doing them. I am guessing your instructor will be there with you the first few times that you put one in. Since you will be practicing under them, they are not going to let you make any critical mistakes.

    Let your classmates know that you would like to observe if they are going to put one in. I got to see one done in the OR last week and it was NOTHING like the manniquin at school. I am still nervous to do my first one but we all have a first time to do it.

    Wishing you the very best!!!
  4. by   CT Pixie
    Don't fret. I think everyone has a touch of nerves for their "first" (first bs check, first sub-q, first IM, first cath...etc)

    I work LTC and its not common to have a lot of foleys (insertion or removal) so on the rare occasions that they do pop up (order for straight cath for a C&S etc) I still get nervous almost 3 yrs post graduation. But I just dive right in and get it first shot every time..yay me!

    Its one of those, learn it, do it, teach it kind of things. I always bring in CNA's on my team who are in nursing school..although I can't let them do anything, I let them watch so that when the time comes for them in school..they have at least seen it a time or two before having to do it.

    Best of luck. I promise, it gets easier and easier with each one..I remember being terrified of having to do my first IM..after the was a cake walk. i think its more the fear of the unknown. Once you know, its not as bad
  5. by   Hypoxia
    I am really nervous for this to! We haven't gotten to Caths yet. We have to pass a cath test before we can go into clinicals so I am really nervous about messing up