California student: is a $30k LPN "worth it" - page 2

Hi everyone! I am 27 years old. After working retail/sales for a decade I have decided to give college another shot. I have an appointment with Concorde college in North hollywood. So far I am... Read More

  1. by   juanhuezo2001
    In am in the SGV. At the Community college level one yr of pre requisites needed to apply with a B level grade then you need to apply and be on a waiting list or lottery until an opening.
    Local adult school and ROP programs are also full and have waiting list and this due to the low cost. The highest I found was $12000. With financial aid. Vocational schools also have waiting list. I choose northwest college in west Covina because of the evening program and 15 Mon. Long program the test was not to hard 60/40/vocab. Math. Science
    Hope this helped.
  2. by   AlleycatLady
    Everybody has their own unique situation. If you just can't get into a community college due to competition and it's your last resort I'd say follow your heart. Then bridge to RN/BSN cheaper. You'd be better off going somewhere like Chamberlain for 3 years and getting the BSN. if you dont already have a degree, you would more than likely get the Pell Grant and scholarships along with a few loans to cover everything. Take all of the humanities at a community college as a nondegree student and transfer them over to Chamberlain. Your total cost would come to less than about 45K. The only reason I know this is because Chamberlain was one of my options. For me the total cost came to 30K with ex military rate.
  3. by   NurseDom 👩🏽 ⚕️, CNA
    Did you have to get on a waiting list for this program? Or were you accepted right away? I want to apply