being out of achool for over a year?!???

  1. Hi!!! I'm extremely nervous about taking my LPN NCLEX. This September is going to be two years since I graduated I had a financial situation among other things as my reason for waiting so long. Now I'm finally setting up a date. My question is has anyone taken the test so long after they graduated and still passed it? How many times did you have to retest? Diid you have any trouble finding a job? My peers have told me potential employees can't check how many times you've test at least in Indiana is this true? And since they can't do most assume it took you this long to pass it? Thanks in advance!!!!
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  3. by   nursing41921
    I just took my nclex-pn on the 6th. For my study I did hurst review and the exam cram-pn. I also studied the 38pg study guide.

    Remember Lots and lots of praying. GOD helps those who help themselves. Good luck . I think u can take the test over and over as many times as u would like to. just remember that u have to pay the fee over again. You'll do ok. Just study and have faith. A refresher course might be of great use also .
  4. by   alyssakp111
    I graduated from HS in 2004, I went to college off and on between then and now. I took the exam in December and I passed! I studied from the nln PN exam book and took lots of quizzes online! Good luck, keep studying and I'm sure you'll do fine!!
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Unfortunately, employers and hiring managers are going to be wondering what took you so long. They're going to look at the lag time of two years (or more) between graduation and passing NCLEX, and they're going to wonder what happened along the way. Be cognizant that they regularly deal with new grads who take and pass NCLEX within a couple of months after graduating.
  6. by   alyssakp111
    Oops, I should have read the whole question! Sorry!!
  7. by   Chicarocks123
    It's okay lol You said you passed recently right? Have you had any trouble finding a job??
  8. by   Chicarocks123
    This is supoosed to be for Ass. Admin.......... I keep pressing the wrong button lol .... "That's exactly what I'm fearing! I'm sure not all hope is lost but I won't know how to "sell myself" now since I waited so long."
  9. by   Chicarocks123
    I will be praying like crazy lol!! How long did you wait after you graduated to take your test?