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:) I will graduate in June with a 2 year degree in business/accounting. Half way through my degree I got a job as a cna and fell in love with nursing. I knew the nursing field is where my heart was,... Read More

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    Quote from So Superfluous
    I've got an AA degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences and currently attend a California State University in a Liberal Studies Elementary Education program.

    In Fall '05 I will have completed the all prereqs required to get on the RN waiting list at a local community college, where I will wait for ~2 years. During that 2 years I figure I'll just finish up my BA degree and then go back and get another AA degree, but this time in nursing.
    First I went to medical secretarial school for a year, then I got my BSN in Nursing, then I got my MA in elementary education, then I got 33 post graduate credits in reading and administration. I worked as a teacher for 30 years , retired with a great pension, and now I want to go back to nursing! You can have more than one career in a lifetime!-and enjoy both!!!!
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    I have a BS in Human Ecology (basically alot of people classes, family classes, and child developmental classes) with a minor in nutrition. I will have my BSN this August!!

    If anyone has a BS degree already, look into accelerated programs. I was looking into getting my RN at my community college (which has a great program). It would of taken me 2 years for my associate degree. Then I found a SUNY school in NY that has a accelerated program and I will have my BSN in 1 YEAR! Such a difference in time and money spent!
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    Yes I do ahve another degree in Business Management. I found out later I enjoy nursing.
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    i am currently and lpn who just graduated with my aa in business management. i was going to go for my ba in healthcare management but decided to take a break for the summer regroup and then this fall i am going to go back and get my rn. i need 2 classed a humanities class and composition 2. then i will be in my 2nd year of rn program. when i would complete that year i will have my rn. then who knows whats next.

    i want to finish and get my masters in nursing and finish my ba in healthcare management.