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:) I will graduate in June with a 2 year degree in business/accounting. Half way through my degree I got a job as a cna and fell in love with nursing. I knew the nursing field is where my heart was,... Read More

  1. by   krisssy
    Quote from So Superfluous
    I've got an AA degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences and currently attend a California State University in a Liberal Studies Elementary Education program.

    In Fall '05 I will have completed the all prereqs required to get on the RN waiting list at a local community college, where I will wait for ~2 years. During that 2 years I figure I'll just finish up my BA degree and then go back and get another AA degree, but this time in nursing.
    First I went to medical secretarial school for a year, then I got my BSN in Nursing, then I got my MA in elementary education, then I got 33 post graduate credits in reading and administration. I worked as a teacher for 30 years , retired with a great pension, and now I want to go back to nursing! You can have more than one career in a lifetime!-and enjoy both!!!!
  2. by   mcorrao77
    I have a BS in Human Ecology (basically alot of people classes, family classes, and child developmental classes) with a minor in nutrition. I will have my BSN this August!!

    If anyone has a BS degree already, look into accelerated programs. I was looking into getting my RN at my community college (which has a great program). It would of taken me 2 years for my associate degree. Then I found a SUNY school in NY that has a accelerated program and I will have my BSN in 1 YEAR! Such a difference in time and money spent!
  3. by   NurseFife
    Yes I do ahve another degree in Business Management. I found out later I enjoy nursing.
  4. by   akcarmean
    i am currently and lpn who just graduated with my aa in business management. i was going to go for my ba in healthcare management but decided to take a break for the summer regroup and then this fall i am going to go back and get my rn. i need 2 classed a humanities class and composition 2. then i will be in my 2nd year of rn program. when i would complete that year i will have my rn. then who knows whats next.

    i want to finish and get my masters in nursing and finish my ba in healthcare management.