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  1. by   momcats3
    Hi, one of our textbooks was "Math for Meds". It broke things down very simply for me. However, I ended up doing my formulas like this:

    If 20 mgs is to 1 ml, what is 15 mgs to x ml?
    Written as: 20 mg:1ml =15 mg :x ml
    Remove the mg and mls
    Now you have 20:1 = 15:x
    Now, multiply
    20 times x = 20x (multiply your two outer numbers)
    1 times 15 = 15 (multiply your two inner numbers)
    remove the x from 20
    Now, divide:
    15 divided by 20 = 0.75
    So, the formula is:

    My instructor always laughed at me -said I was doing the formula backwards BUT as long as it worked it was OK! As I look at it now, it appears hard but it's really not! Take your time and break it down. I still use this today...Good luck!
  2. by   lil' girl
    Sorry but these post seem to be more concerned with drug dosage than with Pharm.
    According to our instructors Pharm is all about drug classes, blah, blah. Did you not already have drug dosage in the first semester??