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I will be graduating from LVN program in June/05 and want to start studying for the N-Clex now. After reading so many horror stories, I am somewhat concerned for when I take the N-Clex. Any advice from any LVN/LPN who have taken... Read More

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    Quote from nervous
    I am preparing for the NCLEX-PN. I am using both Saunders and Lippincott's. Someone also mentioned they used "...Incredibly Easy...". Can anyone make a comparison of these books as to which one is most like the test format?
    Both are very useful to the test format...Saunders has label reading,etc. as well as Incredibly Easy.

    I encourage everyone to use both..The more questions, the more you can test your knowledge, what you need to study, what you feel you need to study, etc.

    I haven't got my testing date, only my Temporary Practice Permit...Good luck to everyone!

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    good luck you guys, remember relax and don't read too much into the questions

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