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Hi, I suppose to take the NCLEX PN on August 14, but moved it up to September 6..I was thinking 78% is not that high right? Say if there was 20 people taking it, about 4 to 5 will fail..So that is why I moved up the test date to... Read More

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    where i went to school they had a 98% pass rate and everyone from my graduating class passed the first time except one and she passed the second time

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    I am in an RN program but I took the LPN at the halfway point. If I am not mistaken our school has a 100% pass rate but that is probably because not everyone takes it. I remember because I was so afraid that I would be the "One" who screwed up the percentage. The RN pass rate is 97% but we joke that it is because they weed so many people out through the 4 semesters. Each class starts with 60 but by graduation it is about 35. MAYBE a little higher. So again, I think they weed out the "weak" ones. I don't believe that that many people are "weak" just need the extra help or get burned out...we've all been there.

    As far as the test. Don't think too much. I had heard all the rumors and theories that if the questions are really hard you are doing well and that if they are too easy you are not and that if you answer an easy one they get harder. Blah blah blah. After trying to analyze the first 20 questions I stopped worrying about it. I took my time and was so relieved when it shut off at 85 that I didn't care how hard the questions seemed. I was just happy to be done.
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    Quote from pagandeva2000
    what this review course would recommend is that people call them after taking the exam and tell them of any questions they remembered so that they can pass it on to future students.

    this goes totally against the nclex. the nclex is copyright protected and we all signed an agreement when we took it that we would not disclose any questions.

    i called them, and i do admit that they gave me 5 questions that appeared to the letter on the test, but to pay close to $300 dollars for 5 questions can be discouraging for a person that has to sit through all 205....

    this seems like cheating to me....

    i remembered about 20 questions and passed that information to them, but it is no guarentee that any of them showed up for test takers coming behind me. the review course told us that there is a question pool that they pull from each 90 days .

    again, we all signed the agreement not to disclose nclex questions...
    i'm sorry to be such a hard %^& but what this company is doing seems to be illegal. they are certainly asking you to to something improper and asking you to break a contract and promise.
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    Charebec this is absolutely illegal. Thread closed.

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