3rd times a charm!

  1. In 2010, almost immediately upon sitting down, a palm reader named Carol at Venice Beach, CA told me that I was going to be a nurse. I jumped out of my chair. (She had no idea that I had been a caregiver for 4 years, then a CNA for 3 years and my mother is an LVN, and I had just dropped my RN prerequisites!) After that I made it my goal to become a nurse by age 30. I applied to 3 LVN programs. The first being WestMed college in Northern California. The program was 12mos $27k, cash or Sallie Mae only. It didn't feel right. The second school was Preferred College of Nursing in Los Angeles. 12mos FT or 18mos PT $22k. I qualified for $17k federal student loans and $5k in monthly payments. I moved so SoCal before realizing the school wasn't WASC accredited. Sooo, my mother told me about Grossmont Adult School in Santee, CA, which is WASC accredited and has a tuition of only $2,900!!! I applied Dec 2012 and just got my official acceptance letter! The program starts in August and is 3 semesters not including summer so graduation will be Dec 2013. I'll be 30 years old! I am so very excited. I had a plan, and seeing it come together is truly amazing. Good luck to you all and don't give up!!!
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  3. by   Freakquency
    That's a wonderful story. Congratulations! I got the acceptance letter that day as well. I can't wait to meet everyone in the cohort
  4. by   HouTx
    Great story! I hope that others will take note & steer clear of those ridiculously expensive commercial schools. Best of luck!
  5. by   BlkQueen8
    Congrats to you! I'm 30 now and half way through my LVN program. My goal is to be a NP before I turn 40. Here's to us and reaching our goals!