3 down, 1 more to GO!

  1. Well yesterday was the last day in this semester for me!! We took our final in MS 3 made a 99 on that, took Ati mental health 74 on that which our teacher gives us different points according to the level & grade & that was the highest grade out the class. I got a level 2 which gave me 9 xtra points which gave me a 91! Our grading system is 4 test 65%, workbooks 5%, ati 10%/ points according to level & grade, final 20%. Im not the avg over achiever im more of a C= nurse kinda girl. I guess im redeeming myself from flunking out of RN school spring 2011. Summer school starts back on the 20th with MS 4, OB & Mother Baby & then the NCLEX BEAST! Oh well hang in there FUTURE NURSES, WE'RE ALMOST AT THE FINISH LINE!
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  3. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    Awe congrats and keep up the good work .

    I just finished up my junior year and gotten an 86 in my med surg 2 class. I start med surg 3 soon and professional awareness 2 then graduate september of this year.
  4. by   Tinker88
    If you don't mind me asking... are you in an accelerated program? If so, I start mine this fall and would love to hear your experience.
  5. by   Mrsladysoul83
    Thanks divalajuicy! Congrats to you too, hang in there its almost OVVVVVEEERRRRR!

    @ tinker88 no im not in an a accelerated program just a regular 15month lpn program in which we are doing two classes a semester. 1 class 1st 8 weeks & 2nd class next 8 weeks
  6. by   Tinker88
    congrats! Keep up the hard work! It'll pay off! Wasn't paying attention earlier lol