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We just finished our first week. And we have done about 50 pages of notes, 7 worksheets, 500+ flashcards. Next week we have 5 tests. Right now we are building the foundation as they say and i am... Read More

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    Quote from GiGi100
    I see that some of you guys are taking a & p.....wow! We had to take that before we could apply to the program. Two full semesters worth. It was not easy but once through it I was told that I had made it through the toughest part. Dont know how true that is but I will definitely find out next week.
    see i did anp 1 and 2 before i could even apply to my program.. but im scared i wont remember any thing from anp one because it was 3 year ago

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    Quote from rvd4now
    is the course work hard, or just alot of information
    They really expect you to know what you are talking about so it is a lot of information and a lot of work because i have 5 classes and in the first week we covered 2-3 chapters. The lpn program here has a 98% passing rate on the boards. And some feel that the lpns are more knowledgeable than the rns from the community college. They do prepare you to move forward in the field so they have a tendency to tell us more than we are required to know.
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    5 classes is crazy man, are they all pn classes.. i have two classes starting monday
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    Quote from rvd4now
    5 classes is crazy man, are they all pn classes.. i have two classes starting monday
    They are a&p, med surg, pharm,nursing skills, and nursing issues. I go monday through friday 7:30-3:30.

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