Working home health, but no benefits?

  1. hey so I've worked with two different Home Health Agencies since receiving my license in Los Angeles... & i dont understand why there aren't any health benefits offered!? I mean, am i missing something?
    i dont see how we as nurses are supposed to take care of our patients but our own agencies won't allow us to take care of ourselves. And of course, i can buy health care out of my own pocket, but the price of that is ridiculous, especially when thinking about having children.
    Are there any nurses that have been in my predicament, and how did you solve this?
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Very common especially with private duty and non hospital based agencies. The home health/private duty agency management actually have a petition in progress to be exempted from mandatory insurance requirements. It's pretty sad.
  4. by   SDALPN
    Some agencies do offer insurance. Either it's super expensive, or you have to work when they say work to get it. I'm with a national company and get insurance pretty cheap through them. But I'm expected to work weekends, holidays, call outs, and difficult cases. I also had to give up getting extra pay for doing lady minute shifts and stuff