Why does every job say you need to have experience?

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    How can someone that just graduated and is getting ready to take boards get a job but hasn't had alot of past work experience. They say oh sorry you don't have enough experience but how can I get any experience unless you hire me??!!! FRUSTRATING lol. Did anyone feel like this or is still looking for a job?

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    I was part of that same circle. "need experience to get a job but need a job to get experience". One thing I said at an Interview that got me hired without experience is that I know how to utilize my resources. I told her if I didn't know that answer for something I know where to get it. I also discussed everything I did in school. The person I interviewed with at that time seemed to really like that answer and offered me a position.
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    Hello, I've been in your situation for almost two years. I got my license 2011. I've applied to numerous LTC facilities, medical groups, Home Health agencies and nothing!! I don't have experience! How are you going to get it if no one is willing to do it. I was told by my school to volunteer but I don't I don't know how that is going to help me get comfortable with meds, charting, wound care. If you don't use it, you lose it. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm really losing hope.
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    Im in the same boat it doesnt make any sense. They really should understand that some have the potential to be great nurses if given the chance. Ive been a cna for 7 years and they tell me that counts for nothing, I mean I have all the skills required to do the job. Im making a list of all the agencies that shut me down so when I do get experience ill make sure they give me top dollar or im going to tell them they dont pay enough for my services and see how they like that.
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    I think we just need to stay positive. God makes ways out of no ways and gives us favor with man. He answers prayer. Sometimes it gets me down to the point I'm applying to mcdonalds and walmart just to have an income but I just have to be patient and know that God has that perfect position for me to work at. He didn't bring me through that ENTIRE program, answering my prayers to pass my nursing courses just to leave us unemployed. He can do it. And I believe in JESUS name.
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    I felt the same way, I just kept applying like it WAS my job. Also pay attention to WHO you see in these facilities.. as it turns out the person who recommended me was the receptionist because she said I was the only one who walked in with a smile and was polite and she could see me working with her. It helped that I was willing to work in the worst-looking LTC facility in town while accepting the lowest pay.. but you gotta do what you gotta do to get that experience.
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    Do you think it's a good idea to look for other jobs outside of nursing just to get some experience? I've been applying for other things like receptionist or assistants or any kind of office or secretary positions they have in the hospitals as well. Gotta have some money in my pocket while im in school right lol
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    If you do apply for jobs outside of nursing just be prepared for the question of why are you not working as a nurse and are you going to leave this position when you find a nursing job.
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    Quote from faithgurl93
    how can someone that just graduated and is getting ready to take boards get a job but hasn't had alot of past work experience. They say oh sorry you don't have enough experience but how can i get any experience unless you hire me??!!! Frustrating lol. Did anyone feel like this or is still looking for a job?
    i totally agree, im in the same situation, i am in nyc and i graduated last september, and i took my boards in nov, i am still unemployed, but actively looking for work. The interviews i been on they would say you dont have any experience, ask me all these skills that i have not physically done on a live person more than once, but wont give me an opportunity, even though i was the valedictorian who is very capable. It is so so so frustrating. I honestly dont know what to do. I know exactly how you feel
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    Yes, this seems to be an issue for new LVN's and RN's. In my local area, there are hospitals that offer internships, but this is limited to the RN grads and from what I understand; it is very difficult to get in because too many apply. Personally, I graduated a year ago and took NCLEX in November. In California, it takes weeks just to be able take boards. Since then, I have had no luck. Having tons of experience (I'm in my forties) in management, education, health and fitness; I'm finding LVN positions hard to come by. I was hired by a company for the flu season for which I was excited and grateful, however; once I logged in to create my schedule, all shifts had been taken. So strange, because I literally logged in five minutes after receiving my e-mail with my training course and log in information. Although getting a nursing job has been frustrating, I am extremely blessed to still work in the fitness industry. I love what I do, but nursing fills my heart in a different way. My wish is to continue doing what I do and add a per diem nursing position in the mix. I do wish all of you the best of luck on your journey!

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