Who Hires Newly Licensed LPN's?

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    Hi, I'm new here and I'm going to take my NCLEX-PN licensure exam on April. I am confident I am going to pass and when I pass, of course, I am going to start job hunting. My question is; what types of healthcare facilities who hire newly-licensed LPN's? Who hires new LPNs? I've heard from my relatives who work as RN's that I need to seek jobs in assisted living facilities, and nursing homes for first-time employment. Is this true ? I am just trying to confirm because my relatives are all RNs and not LPN's.
    Thanks so much for your responses.

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    I think for 1st time to gain the experience it is better to go Nursing home and LTC facility after u have experience of 1-2 years you can apply for hospital i am foregin educated nurse and work for 2 years also they dont want me to be in hospital so I join nursing home 2 weeks ago........ best of luck for your exam...
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    It's not so easy to land the first LPN job after you get license. Everybody is looking for experience and nobody wants to teach you.I work in place where everybody has more than 10 years of experience as a nurse and they do not want to teach new nurses.They expect you work fast and it's not so easy for new nurses.
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    LTC/SNF, (some)HH, hospice and LTACs.
    That's your arena.
    Corrections, too. I have 3 friends that went that route.
    Psych as well...but, unless it's an LTC type setting? For instance, if it's we're talking working at 'the state'? Psych LVNs mostly pop pills.
    Dialysis, also. I was scouted by a Davita recruiter, but...I don't know. She sought me out via email to schedule a phone interview. I emailed her back and...nothing. No response. It's just a really bad look for that company. Although...I've heard that the interview stage is kind of 'like that'. Next time, I think I'll try my luck with Fresenius.
    I had the same issue with another agency called Devereaux? They staff for LTACs and LTCs. I didn't actually know who they were when I rec'vd notification because I'd applied to so many places...but, anyway, they up and emailed a 'survey' to me this month asking me to 'rate my recruiter' and all of this other mess.
    Thing is, I was never contacted for a position. LOL
    Was I candidate? Who knows? I put that in my comment section.
    Two days later, I rec'vd a 'thank you for applying. Your qualifications are impressive but we've decided to go with another candidate' type deal.
    To me, when corporate healthcare recruiters are involved? They tend to flub things up.

    Where I am (S Texas), hospitals DO hire LVNs but you typically need between 1-2 and 2-5 years of LTC or experience relevant to the position to which you're applying.
    Doc offices hire but they pay LVNs pennies and the exp, in my opinion, isn't worth it. I refuse to work for doc offices on principle.
    They want to say that they have nurses on staff but they don't want to pay a nurse a decent salary. That's probably why they request MAs or LVNs. It's their way of hiring a nurse on a discount.
    Hospitals don't pay LVNs much, either. However, you do tend to see a lot. It's an even trade.
    LTCs, corrections and HH pay the most.

    Don't worry about money, though. That'll come...with experience.
    No amt of nursing experience is a waste.
    Don't worry about losing skills in LTC.
    You'll be a 'new nurse' which means that you're in luck...because 'new nurses' are blank slates. 'We' don't really have skills to lose.
    (I'm a new nurse, btw)

    Just don't be overly picky. 'I dont' wanna work here' and 'I don't wanna work there.'
    Whatever. People like that will get off their high horse quick, fast and in a hurry once they hit that job market. They'll be begging for someone - anyone - to give them a job.
    I live in S Texas, as previously stated. Where jobs are supposedly a-plenty....
    >rolls eyes<
    (A bald-faced lie because Texas is pushing out more new nurses than any other state, according to the BON.)
    Trust me, LTCs aren't exactly falling all over themselves to hire/train newbs. Let's clear that misconception up, right now. LOL

    I'd encourage all nursing students to network and/or get their CNA/PCT and work their way into a GVN or GN slot.
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    Thank you so much Aneetaneps for your encouraging reply. I am foreign educated too from the Philippines but currently living in Connecticut. I am willing to be employed anywhere , it may be LTC or nursing homes and I'm not picky. I'm aware that I can't be hired by hospitals yet but becasue of lackof experience but I have a compassionate heart and a commitment and a motto of diligence to work and take care of my patients
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    Oh what a discouraging and negative response but I am not fazed or affected by this. I am hopeful, and I am confident that I can get a job soon because CT, the state where I live has a demand for healthcare workers such as RN's and LPN's. My question is only a request for advice of where to look for jobs and what are those healthcare settings that accept newly licensed LPN's.Thanks for replying.
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    MedChica-Thank you so much for your encouraging reply and your amusing stories of your experience with recruiters. I agree with you, that money comes with experience. As of this moment, I am not concerned with how much I'm going to make. All I care is the goal of mine to gain experience and acquire more knowledge in this field of career. Don't worry I 'm not gonna be picky. As I've said, I'm for the ride for gaining experience and more skills, and I'm willing to learn . With prayer and faith that I am going to get a job, I know I will. Maybe it's an LTC, a hospice or nursing home, I am fine with it.
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    I have been a PICC RN for the last 10 years of my 21 years in nursing. I have total respect for LPNs and enjoy their company in the hospital setting. Why? Their attitudes based off my experience are excellent and they always wanting to learn something new at any chance they get. You may have a different experience but I hope LPNs are here to stay in the medical field. Every title in the medical field has its needs, but LPNs like RNs are needed in special areas across all facets in the medical field.
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    TORYMAX23--Thanks so much for the beautiful inspiring testimony about the LPN's. Your message gives me a lift
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    Wow I am shocked at the negativity for LPN. I have been for going on 7 years. I passed my NCLEX and had not only a job but many offers within 1 month of graduating nursing school. Be positive and have confidence. Home health can teach you many many things and looks good on a resume. Money comes with experience but you are not trapped into working in nursing homes or assures living. Dr offices don't pay much but it will improve your assessment skills and pshyc is an oppourtunity as well. Find a mentor to guide you and that will help
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