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    In Florida the pay sucks! I was making only 16.50 per hour. Maybe because it was hospice. But even the agency that just hired me is only paying 16.00/hr.! California the pay is WAY better! At one job I was making $25/HR! Another was $21/HR plus shift differentials. I would move back there if my wife would agree.

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    do anyone know the pay for South Fl Miami area LPN?
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    if you dont mind, what company, what requirments/experiance. this is the side of nursing I really want to work in
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    Quote from Karl Farmer
    1985 OH plasma center, $6.15
    Till 2002 various LTC places, FL/AZ $12-$16
    2002-on AZ MDS coordinator, started at $24, ended at $27
    Last LPN job in LTC, AZ, 2997, $26 (New grad RNs are now starting there at $19, if you can believe how fast and furious wages are dropping).
    Wow!!! RN $19?
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    Quote from Nursewithswag2010
    18.54 plus 5 dollars 3-11 shift differential in Virginia.
    Clear out your inbox so I can send u a message lol
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    I thought Quebec was the lowest paying province?
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    Quote from KaroSnowQueen
    26 yrs experience.
    Non patient contact, insurance company claimsw reviewer.
    No weekends, no holidays, 7 am to 3:30 M-F.
    Telecommute from home.
    wow that is awesome!
    what education/ training do you need to go through in order to work in that job position?
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    Quote from EMR*LPN
    30 years as an LPN-Traveling as an EMR analyst-$55/hr-all expenses paid, no benefits.
    What is EMR by the way?
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    I work in a small nursing home in Heflin Alabama but live in Atlanta I make $14.25 as a new grad...waiting on Ga to approve my refresher course
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    In east TN DD/MR group home, Sat and Sun 15 hr shifts with full benefits: $15.45/hr. Pay and cost of living low in this area. Almost 4 years exp.

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