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    Quote from Ginger80
    $26.70/hour, in Ontario, Canada.
    where do you work to make 26.00 an hour?

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    Quote from andreasmom02
    I've been an LPN in a clinic setting for 2 months now. I make only $9.50 per hour... It's not much, but LPN jobs are scarce in my area. I figured I would take it for a while, until I could find something else. I get weekends & holidays off, & only work 8 am- 3 pm!
    What state do you live in?
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    I have two jobs. A prn job ive had for 3 years at an assisted living: $18.14
    My full time baylor shift LTC job ive had for 5 years: $17.84, i work 12 hour shifts
    on the weekends they pay me 8 extra hours each week, and i have a $1.50 shift differential
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    When I was a new grad 2 years ago, I worked in a nursing home for $18/hr. I have been working for a pediatric private duty agency for the last year where I get $22/hr. Sometimes if it's a last minute shift, I can make up to $30/hr, but that doesn't happen too often. I do get overtime frequently, so time and a half is sweet. I made $41K last year, including taking two weeks off without pay AND going part time in the summer. I am in Eastern PA, halfway between New York and Philadelphia.
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    Gross salary $46000 in Ontario, Canada
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    That's it, I'm moving, I can plow snow with the best of them
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    In the Twin Cities our clinic LPN's make everything from 13.50-18.50/hr (I work for a plastic surgeon in private practice and just started at 17/hr). LTC makes close to 20-something/hr depending on experience and facility. Right now there's not much work in the hospitals for LPN's all the hospitals here want BSN's running their floors so they can charge more.
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    I just got hired with a home health agency. $14/hr. I was making $10.30/hr as a CNA. Cost of living here is awful (I live in Yorktown, VA). -__-
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    As a new grad, I started out at 18.92 an hr. working at a SNF in west Michigan. Two years later I am making 20.80 an hr at the same facility.

    Believe it or not, the CNAs at this facility start out over 15.00 an hr. The aides who've been here forever have capped out over 20.00 an hr!
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    Hello im pretty confused with LVN and RN. I know i want to get started and finish my nursing career how ever i dont want to rush into LVN school end up in debt and not have a job and then at the same time go back for my RN. I've decided to either go to Glendale Career college for LVN or West Coast Univ in North Hollywood where I would get my BSN. I know West Coast will be almost 3 years and Glendale will take me !5 months for my LVN. Im really confused can someone please give me your feed back? thanks

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