What makes IVP meds so scary? - page 2

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So I interviewed today for a PRN position within the hospital network I am currently employed through. This department is going to try using LPNs again after a 9 year hiatus from favoring an all RN staff. In opening these new... Read More

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    Yikes I would not say that at all if you want the job. If pushing IV drugs is that important to you maybe you should look for a job that allows it
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    The only thing I can think of is unfamiliarity with the drugs and inexperience. You can have those with an RN or an LPN. Or like in my job, with a paramedic. Good luck with the job. Your experience and confidence will show through.

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    That sort of thing is generally regulated by the State, not the hospital. But generally, it's just another way the RNs guarantee their job security.