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    $23/hr PRN night shift Pediatrics

    and $18.25 all shifts home health care (peds)
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    I currently have been a LPN for 18 months and worked for 6 years prior to that as a TMA and CNA.
    My firts nursing job at a small town nursing home on evening shift I was paind $18.75/hr(0.3)
    I later moved to a facilitly near Minneapolis as a 0.6 on day shift and made $19.25/hr.
    Then I was offered a Charge Nurse position on the NOC shift FT and currently make $21.25/hr.
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    $19.50/hr in SW Fort Worth, TX

    No Holiday Pay
    No shift differential
    Can not use PTO time until after 6 months employment

    Staffing Coordinator calls at all hours of the day and night several times a week which is annoying!

    Insurance is just okay, but really what insurance is great these days? Effective 30 days after hire.

    I honestly feel like I don't make enough.
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    Ms, LPN 16 years exp. LTC 18.15 3-11 7 on 7 off, paid for 8
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    Houston, Tx 25.00/hr plus 1.00 nights 2.00 on weekends. Plus benefits.
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    Quote from TheCommuter
    I last worked as an LPN/LVN in June 2010, and was earning $27.04 hourly at a nursing home in a large city in Texas.

    If you dnot mind...wats the name of the facility
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    19 an hour... 3 weeks experience
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    19.45 August 2011 graduate. SNF facility, charlotte, NC.
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    I have noted that hospitals tend to pay LPN's very poorly. LTC's pay the best usually or contract nursing with an agency. In 2004 I started out as a new grad at 13.25/hour at a hospital so I could get my skills. In 2007 I went to a nursing home which paid 19/hour plus shift diff. This was in South Carolina.
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    Wow TEXAS PAYS................ LVN 8 years work per diem in skilled/rehab, San Diego, CA 24.00
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    Hello Eric,
    I've been tryin
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    LPN for 14 years. Tele unit small hospital in big city in Florida. 19.80/hr plus benefits. 3/hr night shift diff. lots of PTO. Was working for cardiologist making $16.50/hr with 3 weeks vacation, lots of flexibility but no benefits.
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    Twin Cities, MN
    Doctor's Office-16.50 full time M-F, I did work at Chem health facility making 19.96 (weekends on call) but was laid off from that job.