What is the Difference Between LPN and LVN? - page 2

First of all, LPN is a commonly used acronym that stands for licensed practical nurse. According to Johnson (n.d.), a licensed practical nurse is an entry-level nursing professional who strengthens... Read More

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    I bought Saunders & Lippincott NCLEX PN books (I live in Cal). I didn't use either when I took the exam. All I used was an $8 app on my phone & I passed at the minimum # of questions.

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    Quote from vintagemother
    Is the nclex pn the same test as the nclex VN? I ask this because I'm a Californian and all of the test prep books I've seen refer to the nclex pn? If you can recommend a good prep book for california, I'd love a reccomendation! Thanks!
    There's no such thing as the NCLEX-VN. If you completed an LVN program in California and plan to become licensed as an LVN in CA, you will be taking the NCLEX-PN.

    Therefore, NCLEX-PN study materials should be suitable for your studies. Good luck to you!
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    Thanks Commuter and Pinknurse!! All of the LVN info is new to me. I will start LVN school this month after taking several RN prereqs over last few years. Thanks for answering!
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    I took the NCLEX-PN in CA 4 months ago, it is the same test used everywhere that NCLEX is used
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    Thanks spectrabrite!

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