volunteering at a hospital or nursing home really helpful for a graduate???

  1. I don't have any work history as a lpn . Everywhere I go the same thing" you need 1yrs experience". I am so tired of hearing that .I'm in philadelphia pa anybody got any advice??? Please Help !!??!!
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  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    Do they tell you that in the nursing homes too? Rest assured that it's not just you. I have a job as an RN but I was an LPN for years until I went back in 2009. But I made sure not to quit my LPN job because even with over 20 years of experience, some places told me, you're just an RN....we want a BSN. The more you get, the more they want. Luckily, I was already working at a hospital so I stayed there until I got that ONE YEAR that they were so concerned about even though I was doing the EXACT same thing for years as an LPN. I hope you find something soon. But in the meantime, keep taking a CLEP exam when you can to apply towards your RN because you won't find much peace as an LPN.I was very happy being an LPN until they started cutting my hours. Right after I got licensed, the company did a survey to see how many RNs were BSN nurses....soooooo, back in classes again. It's not just Pennsylvania, I live in Georgia, my nurse friends live in Florida and one in Minnesota. It's everywhere.Good luck!!!
  4. by   backalwayshurt
    Good news !!! I have a interview wed wish me luck ....! And thanks I'm looking into going back to school...
  5. by   LadyFree28
    Sigh...you are going to have to. I'm in Philly, and was a LPN for 7 years. When I first graduated, there was talk about the movement towards more BSN prepared nurses in acute care. I had to leave a Magnet accredited hospital to obtain employment...this was in 2005. Fast forward almost 8 years later, starting my first RN job Monday, BSN prepared. I worked in Rehab, Pediatric Home Health, Pediatric office nurse for Orthopedic Surgeons at a local Pediatric Hospital, Pediatric Extended Care faculty (aka "Medical Daycare") agency LTC/Rehab in my 7 years as a LPN. I've gained a lot of experience and enjoyed my career, and decided to build on it, to increase my autonomy and my scope of practice to the fullest extent as a nurse.

    The Philadelphia area has dozens of hospitals ALONE with Magnet designation, which have decided to hire BSN prepared nurse either the MAJORITY of the time or ALL the time. Combine that with ADN programs not getting jobs, as well as experienced nurses continuing or returning to work, leading them to areas that LPNS have been at for years, and now we have THOUSANDS out of work, or having a difficulty finding jobs...and the trickle down effect is now affecting LPNs and new grad LPNs as well. And the 1-year requirement is making the situation more difficult.

    Good Luck on your interview!! If and when you start your career, get you feet wet, then look options into going the BSN route. I graduated from LaSalle University. They are the only college in the area that has an accelerated program for LPNs to obtain a BSN...they also have an accelerated part time program that blends non-traditional, second degree, as well as LPNs. I decided on the part time program. I highly recommend the university. There are various programs that have relationships with local and state universities that give you the opportunity to obtain your BSN. So do your research, look at SEVERAL programs, and tailor your required courses to the programs. Study hard, aim high, and get that BSN...the options are unlimited, even if the economic situation is slow to recovery, there is a consistent space and demand for the BSN-prepared nurse in Philly. Feel free to keep us posted and updated!
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    Ok Ladyfree28 I sure will and thanks!!