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    I'm a GPN wondering what is my best option right now. I've recently graduated from an lpn program in NY but currently live in VA. My question is whether I should take the exam in VA or NY? There is a chance I will have to back to NY in a couple of years & I've heard that if you have a license from another state and want to practice in NY, you would have to take the nclex exam all over.

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    That can't be true because NCLEX is a national exam. You would have to obtain a NY license and relinquish your (possible) VA one. Take the NCLEX now while it is fresh in your mind--if you are going to move in two years, you do not want to wait until then to take it.
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    Its easier to take your exam in NY and then switch it to VA. If you are currently in VA just take it there and then when you move to NY you will apply for a license by endorsement

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