Thank you, nurse.

  1. Thank you to all of the nurses who go to work with the mindset of doing the best job they can. You are not only taking care of your pts, you are taking care of us newbie nurses who are watching how you act and react, and we are soaking it up. I am a brand new nurse and I am learning from you. Even if you aren't training me today, I am watching you because I can tell that coworkers respect you, and your patients know that you are there to help them. That is the kind of nurse I want to be.

    Last night, I had the first real test of my nursing ability (and I was terrified). When I looked down the hall to see if there was anyone who would help me, I was relieved to see that you were still here, 4 hrs past your shift. I thought to myself, "Thank God, I'm not alone!" You guided me and sent me on my way. And then you came back to check up on me. What would I ever do without the help of experienced nurses like you?

    I hope everyone has a role model nurse to work alongside.

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  3. by   nightmare
    That is such a nice post.Thank you for thinking of that.Too often all we hear are moans about "bad" nurses so thank you for taking the time to thank the "good" ones.