Stressed and Depressed

  1. I know the job market is tough right now, what are you all doing to cope with it? Right now I'm working 50 hours a week at a low wage job that I absolutely hate, and I often have to go to the bathroom because I break into tears spontaneously.

    I sooo regret not going straight to RN. My plan was to do LVN to RN to BSN, so that I could work a decent paying job while attending school. HA!

    I was always a top student throughout school and got 1490 on my SATs, but family and financial issues caused me to stop going to college after one year. After that I worked full time, got married, had a kid. Then at 25 after a turn of events I was a divorced single mom with very little financial support from my ex, and was laid off from a marketing company, so I decided I just had to go to school finally no matter what, and nursing had been my goal for a few years by then.

    I went to one of the public programs that is very low cost but only picks the top scoring students. I passed every class with flying colors, was the first in my class to take the NCLEX, passed, and then got my IV Cert and ACLS, and took a certificate course on Spanish for medical professionals, to try and be competitive on the job market.

    My background is in sales/marketing, I also have taught yoga classes to kids and adults, so I highlighted my management and teaching skills on my resume.

    After 6 months and over 280 applications, either going in person, to job fairs, or online-NOTHING!!

    I have only even had two interviews, one of which was for a sketchy position that was not really above board, and the other turned out to be a mistake, they needed someone to give IV meds but they had mistakenly put out an ad for LVNs with IV Cert. (out of the scope of practice in my state)

    I am now so stressed and still too financially crippled to seriously jump into continuing my education. I'm taking a couple of general ed courses online now through my local community college. I feel like, if I knew it was going to be like this, it would have been worth it to just find a way to push right through RN school. I would be just as broke and stressed as I am now, but closer to a higher credential. I know that RNs are also having trouble finding that first job, but the higher up you go with the education, the smaller the pool gets, so they may have to hire new grad RNs and BSNs even when they don't want to. Not the case for LVN- it is truly saturated!

    I had been turned away from even filling out an app- some places just ask right away if you have experience, and when I give a little shpeil about my leadership and teaching in other fields, they cut me off and tell me sorry, must have one year experience, and don't even let me fill out their application. I have also received response e-mails stating that I must be an idiot if I did not read the job ad stating NO NEW GRADS. I have tried networking with my friends from school but to no avail. My friends who are working now either were CNAs or MAs prior to LVN school, so they were able to either move up at their current workplace, or count that as experience. When I go in to apply, I have even been introduced to the DON by my LVN classmate, and still the first question out of their mouth is "How long have you been WORKING as an LVN?" And then no response, and upon calling back I was told that when they are ready to hire they will review ALL applications and call all QUALIFIED applicants.

    I have been volunteering for a hospice agency in the meantime (in my "spare" time when I'm not working or parenting) LOL. But I am told by potential employers that only PAID experience counts.

    I am getting to the end of my emotional rope! What should I do????
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I assume you're somewhere in California due to your use of the term 'LVN' combined with the mention of having IV certification.

    After completing a southern California LVN program, I moved out of state soon after graduation because I saw the writing on the wall with regards to the local nursing job market. I am cognizant that not all people have the money, time, or inclination to uproot their lives to relocate to another state, but it worked out for me.

    I have also found that bridging to RN is made significantly easier in other states that do not have the same degree of financial problems as California.

    Good luck to you. You're a bright person and there's light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. by   UpTheLadder12
    Thanks for the input! I have family in AZ and am seriously starting to take the idea of moving out of state seriously. At first I thought it was off the table to uproot because my kid's dad does make an effort to spend time with him a couple days a week, and I didn't want to disrupt the relationship. But in the last few weeks, my depression is starting to really take on the "textbook symptoms", so I have been trying to sell the idea of a better life out of state to him as well. He is a cook at a well known fine dining restaurant and makes peanuts compared to the cost of living out here, so he probably would fare better in a smaller city too. So I am actually considering uprooting myself and my ex, as strange as that sounds. But whatever works!!! :-)
  5. by   1pinknurse
    I'm in So Cal & it is extremely tough. My 1st job as an LVN (6 yrs working as a NCMA about 17 yrs ago & 12 yrs health ins co background) was with Maxim as a temp. Call them NOW as it is vaccination clinic time. The pay is ok but it will give u experience. Then I worked as a Grievance & Appeal Nurse back at my ins co. I hated that!!!! I don't like sitting on my behind all day reviewing for medical necessity. Can you say BORING? After many calls I finally landed a job at a LTC facility. It isn't the greatest but it is manageable. Apply, apply, apply!!!!! To every hospital, agency, clinic whatever within a 75 mile radius or you can move out of state. For me I was considering to move but I ended up not needing too. Don't give up & keep applying! Even if you get a job.
  6. by   Bigmaine33
    Im so sorry i know how you feel its been 3 months for me and broke isnt the word. I mean we just have to hang in there. I was a full time cna when i i cut my hours to go to school full time thinking it was the right sacrifice. Now there is a freeze in my hospital so i cant get my fulltime back the situation is causing a strain on my marriage ive been so down and out im behind three months on all my bills i dont know wha to do im been praying alot asking for help ive sent over 100 applications in but i jear the same thing 1 year exp and they dont count my 7 a cna. Just keep praying Good luck