renewal time, mailing it in vs. going to sacremento

  1. 0 I was licensed in CA, then i moved to Al and was endoresed to work there since i did not plan on coming back to CA untill i got my RN. Things changed however and I am now back, i have completed my 30 ceu's and have the money the thing is, I want to know weather or not I can have a friend of mine who lives in sacremento go to the office and turn in all my stuff and also will it be renewed soon than it would be if i mailed it? can anyone help....
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    No online renewal option?
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    I suggest renewing online.
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    Thought there was an online option for application, but it appears I am mistaken. You can renew online though.

    There's probably not much time difference between them turning it in and you mailing it to them: it's going to take several weeks either way.
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