Please!! I need your advise/tips/words of wisdom!

  1. I'm going to try to keep this brief.. Not sure how thats going to work out..Well here we go:

    I started working at a new job last month (LTC facility, 30 pts). I had orientation for 9 days. Then I was on my own. I had/have difficulty finishing my work on time. My shift is from 2-10PM. Things got a bit better now that I am starting to get accustomed to my patients. But I still dont finish until 45-50 min later then my shift ends. I was told we would be kept in the floor/section we were oriented on for the first 4 months.. and would not be put to float anywhere.. So we would get accustomed to the work, etc

    Anyways, that isn't happening. Last week I walked into work and saw they put me on a different side and wing. It was horrible. I didn't leave work until 12MN that night. 2 whole hrs after the end of my shift. & no i never take breaks, not even to use the bathroom -_-

    I expressed my concerns to one supervisor after this incident and she told me that she understands and was sorry that it happened. She told me from now on to just call before coming to work and to make sure I was put in the appropriate area.

    Anyways, I was also told that I needed to speak to the "main/charge" supervisor. After discussing my concerns with her.. she basically told me that its not going to be like that.. and I will have to expect being floated. I have work tomorrow and sunday 2-10. I am so scared of going back. I dont want to go into work to see Im working on a unfamiliar area. I had such a hard time that time i worked.. I literally had to prevent myself from crying several times. I feel so overwhelmed.. just thinking about going to work tomorrow is bringing tears in my eyes.

    I dont know what to do. Does anyone have any advice? What should I do?!! What am I doing wrong? I feel so overwhelmed/ stressed? Am i the only one?

    Also those of you who are used to floating on different floors and such can you PLEASE give me some advice on how i can get through the shift and finish in a timely manner.. Any tips/tricks? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Im sorry its long.
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  3. by   MomaNurse
    Aaahh. I remember this well. Crying, fear of floating, overwhelming demand of upwards of 40 or so snf patients all with individual schedules, idiosyncrasies, demands and families. Once you finally get some sense of routine you get floated. You fear falls, skin tears, labs passed on from days that have not been addressed yet... On your Coumadin patients... When you push through the first evening pass and onslaught of families who have been released from work and want to know everything about their loved one, you are then reminded you must supervise the dining room. ?! You should be behind with 30 patients!! If you weren't I would wonder what you were skipping.
    It gets better with experience. Your shift routine can be done on any floor, so work on that first. Like get report, stock cart, check new orders, round and update CNA's. Next, make a master report sheet for each floor you go to, or save the last sheet from that floor. I had things like hearing aides, dentures, etc. on mine. Also if a patient/family/manager had certain expectations. The manager or primary nurse should be able (and willing) to help you with these tips.
    You will get this. I loved to float and you probably will too. Put a smile on your face the next time you float and act joyful so this head supervisor doesn't target you. You're gonna be awesome! Post how you did after your next shift, ok?
  4. by   xxMichelleJxx
    Thanks so much for your reply =)
    I had work this last weekend. It was ok.. I still was running late.. Idk..maybe I'm not just cut out for all of this.. I dont know. I am going to try to apply all the tips you gave me and hope for the best next weekend at work. I hope everything goes well. I really hope soon enough I'm able to develop a routine that works for me. I also hope I can become comfortable with floating. I guess it all comes with experience and figuring out a way that works =/
    I will keep you updated with how things go.
    Again, thank you so much for your advice.
  5. by   systoly
    please take at least short breaks
    you're not going to save the world by denying yourself BRP
    i believe an empty bladder and a few minutes of clearing your mind
    a couple of times a shift will actually improve your efficiency
    your feelings of apprehension are normal
    floating can be scary, but think about the positives
    you already know the facility and policies and the more you float, the
    more comfortable you'll get
    the fact that you're running late is because you don't cut corners
    you'll do great, but stop to hydrate