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  1. 0 Hi All...I've been an LPN for a long time now....but now would like to find some work in a Doctors office. I think it would be to my advantage to be able to draw blood. Anyone out there know of any good programs in north Jersey? Thanks alot..Leenie61
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    Any medical assistant program would teach you the skills needed for a doctor's office. If you are lucky enough to obtain employment in an MD's office, some will teach you on the job how to draw blood without previous experience. In this day, it's rare, but does happen.
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    I am IV cert but had no blood draw exp and got hired on at a FP clinic last month and they just trained me. Honestly if you are good with IV's the only thing you need to train on is switching tubes while drawing blood. Finding the vein is mostly easy for me, it was keeping my hand anchored while switching tubes that was hard to do! The clinic had me do EVERY blood draw for 3 weeks. It was frusterating at times but now it's becoming second nature. But I would try getting hired somewhere first before you spend the money. If they want you they will train you.

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