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Pay for LPN's in Dallas

  1. 0 Hi!! I'm moving to Dallas soon and would like to know the average pay for LVN's with one year of experience. Thanks!
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    I also live in Dallas and just passed boards so I'm not working yet but my cousin graduated last month and started at a LTC facility at $20.00hr. I have heard of a few other LTC starting out at $25 if yoy do weekend doubles. Thats new grad pay so I'm not sure with experience
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    It depends on the setting in which you'll be working. . .

    1. Acute care hospitals are the lowest-paying, $14 to $17 hourly
    2. LTC facilities pay anywhere from $18 to $25, depending on the company
    3. Home health starts at about $20 per visit
    4. Private duty and hospice pay between $19 and $25 hourly
    5. Clinics pay between $15 and $19 per hour

    Since everyone (and their mama) has been relocating to the Dallas metro area over the past few years, the LVN job market has become increasingly tight.
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    Thanks so much for the info. I'm currently making $18 an hour, which was new grad pay. I'm really praying to find something around $20 or more. I love LTC but would like to get in at the VA. I hear they have great benefits. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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    They do but its DIFFICULT to get in there unless you know someone (thats what I've been told)
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    I moved to Dallas right after finishing LVN school and lived there for 4 months sent in several apps and got one call back. It was not the easiest place to find jobs due to the amount of lvn programs in Dallas pouring out new grads. Needless to say I had to move to a different town..