Passing state inspection

  1. Hey everybody! I was just wondering if anyone could give me a few helpful tips on how to successfully pass a med pass observation by state. I'm from NJ and work in a LTC facility. I've never been observed and frankly am terrified of the idea, being as most of the nurses in my facility have been cited for one thing or another (nothing life threatening). Any tips or feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   systoly
    By the book. Cross your Ts, dot your Is, wash your hands in between and don't worry about time. I have not heard of anyone being cited for lack of speed. Chances are you will only be observed for part of the medpass anyway. You might be able to shorten the amount of time they spend with you by giving them a variety. I mean let them see you give tabs, liquids, eye drops, crushed meds, etc. Once you covered all the bases, they usually bug out. If you're really concerned, ask the pharmacy consultant to observe you administer a few meds. It's much better to be made aware of problem areas by an associate.
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  4. by   Amber Lynn
    The last reply was spot on. Do everything as you learned in school. The 3 checks and what not. Use sanitizer in between different residents/patients. Gloves for eye drops, etc.

    Honestly I was scared to death too, when I knew state was coming and they ended up watching me that day. Go figure. The woman only wached me pass meds to 1 resident and I asked her If I needed to say out loud what I was doing and she said no. So she was very easy. She asked me a few questions about insulin, snooped around the MAR and Narc books and left.

    Anxiety gets the better of us. I found out I was all worried for nothing. If you are a good nurse, which i'm sure you are, you already know what you should be doing and you will be fine.

    It's like getting a shot. You are so worked up about it and then when it's over you're like, "Why was I so worried about that?!? It was nothing!"
  5. by   NurseGuyBri
    My thoughts are this - ask the Pharmacy Consultant to watch you - they are *WAY* more thorough than the state survey, at least ours are, lol. Our consultant pharmacist is great, dont get me wrong - but we know when she's in that we better be supernurse... Good luck. If the pharmacist isn't available, ask your ADON (I love auditing med passes, but i'm a pushover sometimes)