Passed on second try

  1. Man that NCLEX just went on and on. I got my moneys worth again on round 2. They threw all 205 questions at my for the second time. It made me angry because I knew this stuff and the questions just kept coming.

    Now I need to find employment. Start the RN program in Jan, part time.

    It just really feels good to look at that screen and see your license

    This rounds on me

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  3. by   Enchantress
    whoo hoo!!!
  4. by   scallywags

  5. by   Dabuggy
    Thank you,

    Nice to look at the help wanted section and see so many opportunities.

  6. by   traumaRUs
  7. by   Dabuggy
    Thank you,

    Now I'm surfing looking at places to work. Those sign on bonuses sure look nice.

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  9. by   Dabuggy
    Thank you.

    I went from being happy to being very nervous, even slightly scared.