NY LPNs where are all the new grad jobs help! - page 2

Anyone here from nyc or upstate ny where are all the jobs for new grads im currently taking my prereqs but i need to use my skills... Read More

  1. by   belle980
    Glen Gariff health care center in glen cove ny hires new grads, that's where I got my first job and they are currently looking to hire nurses
  2. by   KRODD
    Apply everywhere go to google maps search nursing homes and apply to every little red dot you see, you gotta pound the pavement.
  3. by   heidibelle1
    Hi, I haven't had any luck yet and I live in the Albany, NY (upstate NY) area. I graduated in June 2012 and received my license in October 2012. I've had a handful of interviews but no takers! I've applied to a number of doctor offices, nursing homes, and home health agencies as LPN's have been phased out of hospitals here. One home health agency said you need a year experience and offered me a home health aide position which doesn't count as one year experience towards an LPN position with them. I think with so many new graduates from a number of LPN programs in the area, limited jobs for LPN's and a bad economy it's hard to get a job right now period. When I look at the want-ads here, there are 10 RN jobs for every LPN job. I'm starting to get discouraged and decided to go to a local community college to start on my RN.