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  1. Hi and Happy Holidays to Everyone:

    I am starting the L.V.N. program in March of this year. My questions is: I'd like to prepare a little bit before classes start and would like to know what kind of book could I buy to help prepare me so I have a little more 411 before I start I welcome any and all feedback.

    Confused future nurse
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  3. by   DebanamRN
    Go to the library and look at books for Fundamentals of Nursing. The program will give you the book they want you to use, so I wouldn't buy anything at this point. I would practice bedmaking. Photocopy out the section on making a bed and practice at home. I used my daughter's bed. Also, range of motion and bedbaths. These were the areas that seemed to give students the most anxiety.

  4. by   pagandeva2000
    You can get "Fundamentals of Nursing Made Incredibly Easy" (well worth the buy in my opinion) and as mentioned, something about learning basic nursing care from the CNA perspective. I would probably see if I can get these copies from Amazon used rather than new; especially the CNA fact, if there is a copy that can be borrowed from the library regarding CNA skills, I would get that.

    Or, purchase a used copy of Fundamentals of Nursing by Susan deWitt. Pharmacology may be a worthwhile consideration as well. Used copy of Introduction to Pharmacology by Mary Edmunds. These titles can also be obtained used from Take your time reading, just read for interest right now. It is good to prepare in advance, but don't do overkill because the textbooks they may suggest will probably be different. Good luck!
  5. by   jc3015
    Lippincott also publishes "Health Assessment Made Incredibly Visual". I bought a copy about halfway through the LPN program, but in hindsight, I'd like to have had it before my first clinical rotation. j
  6. by   caljoni
    Thanks J and happy new year