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Background: CNA for 5+ years, graduated August 2011, first LPN job started September 2012 in LTC, day shift. Fired before November due to med error which I cannot get over and bothers me so much to... Read More

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    We do not have a license to practice medicine Hospice LPN... a license for nursing care big difference...but your message was meaningful.. I encourage her NOT to beat herself up and try to move proactive..find out if it was reported to the BON...then contact the BON...but find an attorney to help you navigagte these waters...I dont have any personal experience with one that helps nurses but I have heard of one if you want to PM me...

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    I agree with Mrs Mig...and they could have given NARCAN if they thought it was going to harm the patient.....
    The facillity is a LOT more liable than you are in my opinion...they should NEVER have fired you...thanks for sharing...have will never make that mistake again. We all make them,,if we havent we very well may.
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    I have been a hospice LVN (Ca) for 6 years- a big part of the a patients initial admission to hospice is reinforcing that hospice is for comfort and part of that is remaining at home ( or SNF, ALF, etc) and not going to the hospital! We always-at every visit- remind our patients and caregivers not to call 9-1-1, call hospice first so we can make an emergency visit! Is it ok to ask what the actual dosage was and was it PRN or a routine dose? And how often had the patient gotten it? Just curious-morphine is really misunderstood! Lots of families are scared to give it because it "kills people" it does slow respiration for sure, but if a patients been on this for awhile- very highly unlikely to have been the morphine that did it! I wouldn't stress on it too much-don't think the board would even make a big deal about this-sounds like that facility could use some hospice I services though! Keep your head up-soon med passes will be a second nature!😉
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    Thoughts and prayers to you OP, and I agree with the above poster--hospice care is something completely different--and if you made that much of an error on Morphine, I would question the safety of the dispensing dose--which is the facility's issue. Not to mention that if she went to the hospital, expired some time later--quite a lapse in time, and if she was at the end of her life, who is to say that it was the morphine that did it? Or specifically your dose? I would contact the BON for specifics, and an attorney if your license is at stake. If you were a union employee, your steward.

    I would look around at doctor's offices, schools, maybe camps for the summer, even some trade schools or community colleges in your area to teach CNA classes.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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    Quote from aloneandforgotten
    Background: CNA for 5+ years, graduated August 2011, first LPN job started September 2012 in LTC, day shift. Fired before November due to med error which I cannot get over and bothers me so much to think about. Pt was on hospice and I later found out was transfered to hospital and expired. Investigation followed, went in for questioning one month ago. Now I'm thinking after being in this field for my entire adult career, I should probably just quit and find something else to do. I feel so inadequate, like I wasted my time, energy, and college credits with nursing school. So far, when I check my license online, it is clear. Does it take a long time for actions to happen against a licensure? I'm confused, depressed, and need a job. Where to go from here?
    You are human , not a machine.. It was not intended, or planned... I too am a new LPN, and worked in, LTC for only 3 months.. Working in Ltc facility is impossible , the nurse , resident ratio is not safe at at all.. LTC facilities expects way too much on nurses, They expect us to take card of 25 plus residents , plus administering meds, wound care, talking with families , physicians , and so on ... Give your self time to heal... Take a step back, then start again .

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