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Hello everyone, today is my second orientation day at a subacute here in CA. I am very fortunate that this employer took me in as a new grad. So far they have me following an LVN and a Tx nurse, and they somewhat taught me how to... Read More

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    My first job was for a registry that threw me in to a 12 hour NOC shift on Sub-Acute. It took me six hours to complete my first med pass then I had to start my AM meds...I laugh at it now but it really stressed me at the time. Every nurse working today has gone through this. You'll be fine. And NEVER be too afraid or embarrased to ask for help.
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    I totally understand your situation. I was in your position 1 1/2 ago. I was so scared and nervous, but I was very fortunate that the long term facility I work in the nurses I work with are very helpful. I really learned a lot from the seasoned nurses, and still do everyday. Just don't be afraid to ask questions and get help if you need it. Most importantly make sure your charting skills are strong if your not sure what to put ASK. I hope this helps out. Good Luck with the new job.
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