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I got a new job and I am currently going through orientation. I have already done 48 hours of orientation in the last 6 days.Tomorrow I do another 12 which is 60 hours of work/orientation in 1 week.... Read More

  1. by   lucyloo1
    Ive noticed that too. Where are you from? When I was in school ( many yrs ago) it was nothing to have 30-35 residents in LTC and in the hospital we usually had 2 maybe 3 but we were told that would drastically increase once we were actually nurses out in the field. (as students they wont load you up because thats just it..your a student! Liability!) I guess it depends on your instructors...ours were very up front and gave us the info we needed to mentally prepare ourselves once we were on our own. Maybe new grads were prepared but once out here in the real world of nursing is just initially overwhelming! Who knows.
  2. by   Stranded55
    Just say you are feeling nervous and let them know you appreciate any advice/help they can offer. Don't try to negotiate patient numbers. That doesn't come off well.