My 1st LPN Interview. What do you think?

  1. I had my first nursing interview on Wednesday. I left there feeling like there wasn't a doubt that they would call be back and offer me the position. I answered each question with ease and felt confident. There are 2 open positions and 4 applicants. My friend and I are 2 of the 4. So, we have a 50% chance of getting a job offer. Well, today my friend called me to tell me they offered her a share day for tomorrow. I didn't get offered a share day??? Do I need to worry that I was not offered one?

    My friend and I did our last clinical at this facility and showed great interest in working there. Our clinical instructor spoke very highly of us both and the next thing we knew...2 positions were open. The Nursing Sup told my friend today they were just waiting for us to apply; but they still have 2 others they are interviewing. I was told they will make a decision by next week and tomorrow is there last interview. So again, is it a big deal I didn't get a share day offer?
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    I got the JOB!!!!!!!!! Yippy!
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