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  1. Hi, Not sure if this is posted in the right spot. I'm moving back to Texas after being gone for years. LVNs: Can you tell me if LVN's work in ER's/OR's/Pre-OP in Texas? I know some places only RN's work ER, OR, Pre-Op, L&D, crit care. Where do LVN's work in Texas - hospitals, LTC, doctor's offices? Just want an idea before I head that direction. thanks!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I am in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so I cannot speak for all areas of Texas. In the DFW area, LVNs are primarily found in nursing homes, home health, private duty, psychiatric facilities, clinics, doctors offices, group homes, and LTAC facilities. Not many LVNs can be found in major hospitals around here unless you travel to the outlying areas such as Weatherford, etc.

    I work at a rehab hospital that still utilizes LVNs, although the pay is very low. The rehab hospital where I work pays LVNs in the $18 hourly range, while a nursing home or home health agency will pay an LVN between $19 and $25 hourly. The LTAC hospitals around here (Kindred, Lifecare, Regency, Vibra, etc.) also still utilize LVNs on a limited basis.
  4. by   VespaLPN
    I am relocating to Austin, and I never realized how many hoops to jump through to get into the apts that I like in NW Austin without a job offer, yet. I plan to work on my RN degree, so I was hoping Dr. office positions would be available, so that I could go to prereq classes at night. I have now been in LTC for almost a year.
    Any advice?!? Thanks, Kim
  5. by   belgarion
    A lot of the smaller hospitals in the more rural areas use LVNs. Money you understand. Pay is low and the benefits bite. Think $10000 deductibles on your health insurance.
    On the other hand a busy night might mean one admission and half a dozen ER visits for conditions ranging from life-threatening skin rashes to blazing fevers of 99deg.