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LVN looking to obtain Medi-cal provider enrollment, where to start?

  1. 0 I am a recently graduated LVN, looking to do Private Duty Nursing in the state of California. I would like to bill under Medi-cal/Medicaid, but first need help enrolling as a provider with Medi-cal. I have already submitted my application to obtain an NPI, from what I understand, enrollment with Medi-cal is the next step.

    I've been staring at the provider enrollment page,,
    but can't seem to figure out which packet pertains to me.

    I am looking to visit a social services office near me for further direction, but am so excited to get the ball rolling.. I am open to tips/advice/etc!
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    I don't see an LVN packet. What would you do/be billing for? There is an LPN in here that says she's a Medicaid provider for private duty care in another state.
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    Unlisted Provider Types

    If you did not find your provider type listed in any of the links above, please call or email the Provider Enrollment Message Center for assistance at (916) 323-1945 or
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    Nice info. If you chat up enough people in this site, you can find just about anything.
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