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according to a study “supply, demand and use of licensed practical nurses, employers should examine how the work of licensed nurses could be allocated safely and reasonably, so that rns are not overwhelmed and lpns can... Read More

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    Get over it,graduate nurse. Serioulsy I am tired of hearing LPNS complain all the time . I think you are reading into things and I think it is your own insecurity or dissatisfaction with your title thats making you so upset. RN'S and LPN'S are NOT the same. This is not to put the LPNS down but its just to say if you are not content with your station in life, then go back to school and further your education.Otherwise please stop whining and looking for something in some article to complain about. You can teach a monkey to start an IV. There is more to nursing than performing physical tasks.

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    Quote from Marie_LPN
    I mean, i've had people, (and a couple from here, actually) when i've vented about being treated as less than zero because of the title, tell me to go back to school as the answer to others' ignorance, THEN wonder why it offends me. I could get a doctorate, and it still wouldn't change their ignorance or opinion. They'd have to want the change in the first place.

    I, myself, am well aware LPN and RN are not the same job (duh). They may have some common ground, but it is not the full parallel, and should never be assumed to even be close.

    Although, sometimes the answer the answer stares you right in the face. Someone says "and then some 'smarty' RN comes along and tries to convience them that they need to go back to school" then turns around and says "LPN's do not get the respect they so rightfully deserve".

    Gee, WONDER WHY THAT is???

    Be respectful, get respect (duh, again).
    I am sorry----I must be perceived as ignorant. Because, I don't get why being told to go back to school is so offensive for those who feel they are doing the same thing we are yet lack the pay for such work. They say it all the time here---LPNs do practically EVERYthing RNs do yet lack pay and respect.

    I also see ADN's sometimes saying BSN's don't deserve more pay. I am not one of those ADN's, however. To me, more education and more responsibility SHOULD ABSOLUTELY MEAN MORE PAY and RESPECT.

    Suggesting one go back to school is not meant as a putdown to LPN's. Or ADN's (I am one). It's meant as a possible solution to the problem as they (Or I may) see it.

    Now, as far as "respect" goes, well, good luck. LPN's, get in line with the rest of us nurses. If anyone here got into nursing for the "respect" , he or she is likely to be sorely disappointed at one point or another.

    Like you said, even PhD's can lack for it. Just look at the lousy pay and treatment of teachers AND RNs who teach or are's not a new thing, and not limited to LPN's or RN's who lack baccalaureate degrees, either.

    I do agree on that to get respect, we need to give it, Marie. You are so right there.
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    I find it amusing that some LPNS believe that the only difference between them and RNS is the ability to hang blood or start an IV. That being an RN merely involves performing a few extra tasks. There is so much more to it than that. This resentment that LPNS seem to have towards RNS seems like nothing more than jealousy. They want the "respect" that comes along with being an RN(believe me...we dont get it either) but they dont want to do the work that it takes to get there. If you are an LPN and you work to the best of your ability within your scope of practice and you are good at your job, than whats the problem? Get over it
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    Bottom line respect (in a human sense, first and foremost) should never have anything to do with the level of education anyone has received.

    I'm not even saying that we do the same work for less pay, i KNOW better than that, because it's not even true. There's a hell of a lot more to the difference than just that.

    More education = more pay? Sure, it only makes sense to pay someone more who has more education, but to respect them more than others just because they have that education? No. It's what the person chooses to do with and use that education that deserves, or doesn't deserve respect.

    My going back to school for my RN is not going to change someone else's mind about an LPN, was my point. They will always think what they want to, unless they would like to change that.

    (On a side note, i'd like to see that monkey start the IV, seriously.)
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    This resentfulness that LPNS seem to have towards RNS seems like nothing more than jealousy.
    The resenting is going both ways, apparently. :stone
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    Quote from Marie_LPN
    Bottom line respect (in a human sense, first and foremost) should never have anything to do with the level of education anyone has received.

    (On a side note, i'd like to see that monkey start the IV, seriously.)
    "Respect" as I mean it, pertains to career, not in the sense of respect for "humanity" and equal rights as human beings.

    Profession-wise, more education and responsibility absolutely, without a doubt, should net more respect and pay. Nursing is one of the few true professions where this is not true much of the time. BSN's don't get paid more than ADN's most of the time. And RN's are not always making that much more than LPNs, nor are they much more respected (if at all) by anyone among our ranks or outside them. Just look at how we are the butt of so many media jokes and how quickly we are dismissed by doctors, administrators, patients and the public. Where else but maybe teaching, can someone with a professional degree be treated so disrespectfully and not paid what he/she is educated and skilled to do???!

    And yes, I would like to see a monkey start an IV, too, but I get the gist of what the other poster was saying. Nursing is about a HECK of alot more than "technical skill"; any experienced nurse should agree on that.
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    Back to the article, i have reread it several times, and i am still not seeing where it is stating anymore than pure fact.

    I'm also noticing that the OP has been online a couple of times since this was posted, and has had nothing else to say on this since as well

    And, now at page 4, it's turned into a somewhat RN vs. LPN debates and i've already broke the NY resolution to not feed into the crap, so i'll quit now and go weed the flowers.
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    I'm closing this thread; as all 'x' vs 'y' (fill in x's and y's) threads, it's getting too unpleasant. If you have something left to say, don't worry, another will start soon, and follow the same path.

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