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lpn refresher course

  1. 0 Hi all, just wondering if any of the LPN's on this forum have taken the online NAPNES LPN refresher course lately. i am very seriously contemplating it. i would like to find out what is included in the theory (online) portion of the course. also would like to know how the clinical portion went. ( i am in illinois)
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    Nope! Have never thought about it. I just go back and review my notes from school stay up on my c.e.u.'s reasearch wat i dint think i know or may want a more clear answer and ASK QUESTIONS!
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    I think getting NAPNES certified is a smart move.. I'm in Michigan , and the hospitals that do hire LPN require NAPNES certification , and some home care agencies as well.. You have nothing to lose , loks good on resume when it comes comes down to you and another candidate , who are toe- to-toe for that position you really want .