LPN Online Competency Exams Pre-Hire

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    I need to take a few LPN Online Competency
    Exams before a certain agency will hire me.
    (haven't worked in a few years)

    I reveiwed for a pharmacology test-30 questions/30 minutes.

    I need to also need a (online)skills check list and
    competency test which are also 30 minutes each.

    Has anyone had a similar experience?
    What areas/subjects should I be reviewing?
    What is covered in an online skills check list
    which isn't a demonstration type test?

    The testing is through a national(private) online
    testing site.

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    I have been an agency nurse for 15+ years and I have never had to pre-qualify my skills...meaning I never took test before they gave me the job. When I initially started I came from private duty and was trying to get in the hopital. It was hard as when I graduated in the early '90's they were actually laying off RN's and had no place for the graduating RN's. Wow! Imangine that! It sure is different now.
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    been a agency nurse a long time and had to take multiple test..competency ,pharm. med-surg all that junk with every job i applied to....

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