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I know that you guys (LPN/LVN's) can now get a load of other certifications on top of your LPN license. I know that you can get your IV certifications and oxygen and what not, but what are some of the other possibilities for an... Read More

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    I just signed up and already getting wonderful info. thanks. I am getting ready to get back into the field after being out for 8 yrs. I only worked for 1 year prior to that so I have quite a bit of anxiety about jumping back in there. Can anyone offer any advice?


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    Can LPNs become ACLS, NALS and PALS certified or would we be awarded a certificate of completion?
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    Yes, melpn. The LPN/LVN can take these courses and be certified upon successful completion.

    (see my post # 2 )
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    Quote from gentlegiver
    Anyone know of any on-line certifications for Wound Care?? I found a course to attend, but they want $2500. and I have to travel over 2 hours one way to attend this 4 day course.
    Hey gentlegiver (great name). I am a wound care certified LVN here in Los Angeles. My certification is with the NAWC, which was quite expensive to attend. But, it has been an invaluable tool for me. Interim Health Care does offer a wound credential program through home study. Check it out www.interimhealthcare.com. Maybe you can approach your administrator or agency owner to help with tuition. Hope this helps.
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    Here in Oklahoma the voc techs have several on going certifications to expand your knowledge and expertise. Wound care, and Diabetes come to mind.....Joni
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    Hi Pagandiva2000,

    I know this post is a reply to your 4 month old one on EKG Certification and 12 Lead Interpretation. I too, was asked to take these courses and received a cert so I could rotate out of the cardiac stress room at one of my former jobs. I loved it too. There is always something new to learn with EKG's. I found my interest while working in a cath lab and started watching the monitor. Just thought I'd share that pat on your back!!!
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    I am curious as to which ECG course one can be certified. Please enlighten me. Please provide link for others. Thanks.
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    sirI, All I can tell you about my cert is that a CCU longtime nurse taught the class in Port Charlotte Community College in Port Charlotte,FLA in the evenings. The Course itself was 6-8 weeks long. We had weekly tests, guest speakers, and a final. I know that class is not always avaiable, at least at that time,1999. The instructor moved right after the semester down to the keys, bummer,she was so good and funny and some nights so tired. I remember her note on my final, I was the only one in class who interpreted 100% correctly. I did receive a certificate in the mail and my employer at that time added it to my HR file. I then could alternate qweek in and out of the cardiolite stress lab as the nurse/tech monitor.

    I'll ask in a thread if anyone has more specifics and we'll see how that goes. Thanks for the interest!
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    Thanks, sharona. I understand now that it is a certificate of completion.

    I'm certain it was a very interesting program. We do the same here; program that is at least 6 weeks long and after completion, issue a certificate of completion.

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    I know thru my employer im ACLS. certified. I would like to be ortho certified seeing how 3/4 of the patients I see are orthopeadic emergencies, but the ONA (orthopeadic nurse association). Does not certify LPN's. I would talk to your nurse manager about what kind of certifications you would need to work on your unit.

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