LPN for Dermatology

  1. can anyone advise me of general duties of an LPN in a dermatology office as well as possible pay range for this type of position? Thanks so much!!
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  3. by   scrublifenurse10
    so...I got the job as a dermatology nurse!! I am excited....I wondered if anyone has any cheat sheets for dermatology nursing that will help me learn termonolgy, drugs, and anything else i need to know. Thanks!!
  4. by   ctbui
    Congrats! If u don't mind me asking, how much are u starting and what state is this?
  5. by   littlekaneRN
    congrats rvnburton! I am an RN in derm and I love it and I hope the same for you!

    Message me if you need anything!
  6. by   andreasmom02
    Hi, I worked in dermatology for 6 months as an LPN. I'm a 32 year old female. I liked dermatology overall, but not the practice I was at. The doctors I worked for worked us nurses to death with low pay! I was making under $11.00/hr.! That office had a high nurse turnover. The doctors were grouchy, and the office was understaffed. So I left the practice. Types of things we did there though were: suture removal (I personally didn't like this, grossed me out, but I have a weak stomach at times), steroid injections per the doctor's order, wound care, assisted during biopsies, assisted during surgery, cleaned & sanitized surgical tools, called patient's with biopsy results, called in medications, assisted patient's with light therapy, etc. We were BUSY at the office. But as I said, the office was poorly managed & understaffed. I did like dermatology nursing overall though. Good luck! I hope you like your job and work at a wonderful place!