LPN-BSN or LPN-RN programs near atlanta, chicago, dc or denver

  1. 0 Hello all! I am very new to this website and appreciate any answers that I receive. I currently live in Richmond VA and am in the practical nursing program and will be finish in August. I plan to move to atlanta,dc,denver or chicago in maybe september but have had a very hard time finding any bridge programs (its my husbands job that is moving us) In richmond we have 2 bridge programs (or so they call it) but they want you to go back to shool for 2 years just to get your RN. Not going to happen if I can help it. Can any of you suggest any schools in any of these locations Im not interested in a huge commute, no more than 35 miles by the most.
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    If you move to Chicago, just across the Illinois-Indiana border, you can go to Ivy Tech in Gary, IN about 35-45 mins from Chicago depepnding on which part you move to. They are a community college offering a LPN-RN transition program that is 3 semeesters long. You may want to look into it, I am in the LPN program there now in Indianapolis.
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    Currently in Phase II at Indiana State University LPN-BSN Program online. Check other post for information.
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    Hi im currently in a LPN program and am half way done (god willing) does anyone know of any programs in MI for LPN-BSN i do not want any RN programs BSN only please. If you know any.. i really don't want to do ISU because its an online program and i don't see at being looked good at? Please let me know
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    Denver has a lot of CC that may have LPN-RN programs. UoPx has LPN-BSN.

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